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3 Major Security Concerns in the Modern World

Security has always been a concern for humans since time immemorial. With the current advent of technology, security threats now go beyond the fear of attack by burglars to more complicated attacks that take years of planning to execute. People are becoming more aware of such attacks, but the attackers are as well advancing their techniques. There are always victims who suffer before security agencies come up with counter measures. Some attacks are physical while others affect the systems and as a result, cripple the entire processes in an organization. The following are the most common security threats in today’s world.

Nuclear weapons

The history of such attacks can be traced back to World War II when atomic bombs hit the towns of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan.  Several history books document the effects of these attacks and the descendants of those attacked still tell the scary stories. The big countries in the world always hold meetings that negotiate on ways of containing production of nuclear weapons. Such forums are always preaching about peaceful coexistence because people know such weapons can cause mass deaths. Most countries restrict the testing of these arms to isolated places that are free of human inhabitation.

Suicide bombers

Terrorism has been a major security concern all over the world for many years. Examples of terrorist activities include the attack in Paris on past Christmas Eve, Britain’s Parliament buildings as well as major attacks on the US soils. Most of the attackers are suicide bombers who do not fear to sacrifice their lives when accomplishing their deadly missions. Some of the attackers do it to revenge loss of loved ones or due to a conflict in religious beliefs. Countries all over the world are now on the forefront to counter terrorism as they understand such people can hit any country.


People are now moving towards mechanization which has come with its challenges. The world braces for more cyberattacks as earlier in the week more than 150 countries reported ransomware attack. Such attacks target banks, government agencies, hospitals and private businesses. The attacks cripple the systems or at times give third-parties access to private files. The attackers can as well blackmail you to make ransom payments or else they delete or share your files.

All these security threats are human-made, and some malicious people make a living out of such activities. You can avoid some like cyber-attacks by keeping your system updated.

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