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4 Secrets to Make Your Real Estate PPC Marketing Work Magic

It is always tricky to figure out when your real estate company needs a new marketing plan. One of the ideas you can adopt is pay-per-click marketing, also called PPC marketing. Real estate is one of the most lucrative industries in the world, only if you approach your marketing strategy the right way. However, you should realize that real estate sector is also very competitive, with competitors originating locally and countrywide.

You have to make the best use of PPC management services to leverage the various advantages. Here are some tips to get you started in real estate PPC marketing.

1. Get Organized

You need to be wise in choosing the right keywords to use in your ads. To solve this issue, make sure you create multiple ad groups. For instance, come up with  “houses under $100,000”, “luxury houses for sale”, “find a house on a budget” and many more. Get specific keywords for each of these groups to trigger the ads. Yes, this procedure requires a lot of time and labor, but this is a perfect ingredient when coming up with the right PPC management strategy.

2. Monitor, Make Changes and Maintain the Campaign

The PPC strategy you use today might let you down the next day. This is because market needs and the state of your competition changes day in and day out. To make sure your strategy stands the test of time, be ready to monitor and analyze your approach regularly. Pay attention to the ads that generate the highest number of clicks and the keywords that are more productive. Once you understand these aspects, you need to increase the bids for such items. In the same vein, modify or do away with keywords that are ineffective.

3. Create and Modify Your Budget

You need to come up with a budget depending on your financial status and your target. The amount you are willing to pay determines the ranking position of the ad. The more you pay, the higher the ranking. The cost of each click is determined by the competition the keyword has attracted in the market.

The truth is, the cost of each click isn’t so important – the business you receive from each click is more valuable. You need to spend less and get more from the PPC marketing campaign.

4. Positioning is Vital

Adverts placed at the top of a page get considerably more clicks as compared to ads on the side panels. Additionally, ads displayed on the first page get more clicks than those on subsequent pages. So, make sure the ads that get a higher click-through rate are on the first page to increase the clicks. Additionally, make sure to place high-quality ads at the top of your home page.


PPC marketing can take your real estate business to greater heights. The only catch is you have to do it right. You need to come up with the right keywords, monitor performance and be ready to modify the ads. Additionally, make sure you place the ads in positions that produce the highest click-through rate.

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