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5 Ways to Boost Your Instagram Marketing Power with Hashtags

It’s now way past 2007 – the year when the first-ever hashtag was used. Back then (and a few years afterward), it’s not rare for people to mistake a number sign beside a word as some sort of typographical error. Nowadays, when you think a hashtag is nothing but a typo, you may just be a subject of ridicule.

Hashtags are now everywhere, especially on Instagram. It’s no surprise. After all, hashtags can significantly elevate your marketing strategy.

Here are the ways.

1 – Popularize Your Own Hashtag.

To start, choose one that’s easy-to-understand, witty, and short. You need to be bold for this, but if you are willing to be, you’ll be reaping promising rewards. With your own hashtag, you can popularize a term. And when that term makes it big, it will be forever associated with your brand.

You’ll also need to be consistent. Use your own hashtag every time you post so that an audience will see it just as often and then begin getting used to it.

2 – Request Feedback & Use Your Own Hashtag When Doing So.

Requesting feedback is another brilliant way to propel your Instagram marketing approach. Other than help you gain feedback, it creates engagement for your brand.

Let’s use the hashtag #go2grow as an example. To request feedback, all you need to do is to cap off your post with something like “So, what do you think about #go2grow?”.

3 – Like Posts with Your Own Hashtag.

Another way to up your game is to return a good deed. From your Instagram account, you will know who clicked like on your post containing your own hashtag. Well, get back at them by liking their posts, too.

4 – Comment on Liked Posts with Hashtags.

You may also double the power of your liked posts by commenting on them – and using your hashtag on your comment.

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5 – Use the Power of Already Popular Hashtags.

The last way is a bit different from the above-mentioned ones because you won’t be using just your own hashtag. Nonetheless, it’s as useful – or maybe even more so.

Since your hashtag is relatively new, why not ride along with the ones that are already in the water?

Some of the most popular hashtags are #me, #tbt, #photooftheday, and #instagood. Along with yours, you can add these if they’re relevant to your post. You can use multiple hashtags anyway.


Hashtags are practically Instagram’s sorting method. If you click a hashtag, you’ll be directed to a sea of posts containing that hashtag. So, what are you waiting for? Use a hashtag now to up your marketing game!

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