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Brazilian jiu-jitsu – The Best Way to Introduce Your Kid to Martial Arts

Indeed, there are many ways to introduce your little monster to striking arts, ranging from kickboxing to boxing, karate, tae kwon do and so on. Brazilian jiu-jitsu, however, is arguably the best option to teach your young one how to strike and here’s why.

It’s “More Natural”

Brazilian jiu-jitsu focuses on natural movements of the body and inborn self-defense skills. Think of it in the same breath a kitten learning to spar before transforming into an adult cat. What this means is that during training, the young ones are less likely to hurt each other while still learning how to strike. The worst they can do roll around, in wrestling mode.

It Takes Away the Size Factor

Okay, here is how it works when it comes to self-defense. The bigger you are, the more the strength and by extension the harder it is to beat you. Besides, the stronger you are, the easier it to learn advanced skills. Brazilian jiu-jitsu eliminates the physical disparity. In other words, your child will learn to flip his or her opponents with relative ease. It also gives the young one the confidence he or she needs to move from one skill set to another.

It Improves the Body’s Physical Condition

When your kid embarks on a regular Brazilian jiu-jitsu regimen, he or she develops core strength not to mention that the overall function of the body improves. And this is because the technique involves movements that engage the entire body. Over time, your child develops tendon strength and gains muscles that enable him or her to compete at a competitive level.

Other than that, Brazilian jiu-jitsu helps your kid develop skills to deal with bullying. In fact, it is one of the best ways to teach the young one self-defense skill against bullies. The mere thought that your child knows a thing or two about martial arts is enough to scare others.

…You’ll only need to get a good trainer

How good your kid becomes at Brazilian jiu-jitsu depends on where to take him or her to learn the art. Of course, you want to be sure that professionals with years of experience are training your young one. Visit London Fight Factory to enroll your child in Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes and allow him or her to get started the right way.

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