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Common Types Of Neck Pains

Everyone might have suffered from neck pains even if it is once during their entire life. Every time you seek advice from someone else when you are suffering from neck pain, the most common answers you get is use some painkillers, rub warm clothing on the aching area and do some exercises. What such people or individuals do not understand is that the type of pain you have might not be treatable by such simple exercises even though it might have worked perfectly when they were in a similar position. It all depends on the intensity and type of pain you are enduring. The following are the main types of neck pains.

    1. Nonspecific neck pain

The most common type of neck pain which you will find people referring to as mechanical or simple neck pain. Most people will not tell the cause of this type of pain, and they will associate it with bad sleeping position or minor strains. This type of pain is also common among those who have bad sitting posture especially when they are working. You can treat this type of pain through simple exercises and painkillers. You should also invest in a good chair and table to avoid strain.

    1. Degeneration

The spinal bones are prone to wear and tear which as well results in neck pains. The problem is common among the old generation above the age of 50 although it happens to the young ones as well. The medical name that refers to this situation is Cervical Spondylosis and can be treated with various medications and simple exercises.

    1. Cervical radiculopathy

This can be among the most intense neck pains that one can have as it comes from the spinal cord. The pain comes out when a root to a nerve that comes from your spinal cord and connects to the neck is damaged or pressed. The pain can also be as a result of a slipped disc even though the condition is rare.

    1. Sudden-onset

The pain occurs when there is a sudden strain of the neck muscles when one twists his or her head on one side, and it becomes painful to move it back. The situation is also called the wry neck, and it is common on athletes while on the field.

Taking care of your neck is important if you want to live a pain-free life. Free Your Spine says you should have a good pillow that suits the pain you are enduring.

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