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Cost of a Wedding Photographer Around the World

Have you ever wondered how much a wedding costs, or in this case a wedding photographer?

Prices might scare you so this could be a reason to have your wedding elsewhere in the world, prices for a complete wedding are often guessed at around $25,000-$35,000 USD which is quite a lot of money for the regular Joe.

Combining it with your honeymoon in a country where the costs are a lot lower could be a great idea as you don’t need dozens or hundreds of people to witness your wedding, a few close friends and family members should be sufficient.

So let’s see what wedding photographers cost around the world:

The United States of America

Based on a total of 300+ photographers across all states, that includes our favorite wedding photographer in Asheville, NC, comes down to approx $3,500. That’s four flight tickets across the globe.

European / Canadian Photographers

It’s interesting to note that a wedding photographer in Canada costs $2,500 on average, that’s already a thousand dollars cheaper so if you live near the border this could definitely be an option to save some extra cash.

Europe isn’t going to get much cheaper unless you move to Eastern Europe, which is a great idea if your future wife or husband is from that region. With prices dropping as low as $800 in the Czech Republic this makes an excellent option.

How About South America

If you’re a US resident you don’t need to marry in Mexico, there are much more romantic countries like Brazil or Argentina where a photographer can be had for a little under a thousand dollars.

Lastly, We Have South East Asia

The Philippines or Thailand make for an excellent honeymoon so why not marry there. I’m sure your friends wouldn’t mind paying their own tickets for a once in a lifetime holiday. Wedding photographers can be had for similar prices as in Eastern Europe and South America so cost-wise it doesn’t really matter.

Summing It Up

There is clearly a huge price difference between western countries and second world countries if we can call it that, and it makes total sense, the cheapest professional wedding photographer will set you back around $800 while you pay $3500 for the very same service in top-tier countries like the US, Germany, France, and so on.

Although we looked at the photography prices this price change reflects in every aspect of your wedding so where you should be prepared to spend on average $30k for your wedding in the US, it can cost as little $10k at different places around the world and your wedding would be of no less quality.

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