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Effective Instagram Marketing strategies

There are currently lots of Social media apps around, very few people would argue against Instagram is the most popular, with over 700 million users. Social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn are successfully being used for marketing and brand building, therefore it is no surprise that businesses are using Instagram to market campaigns. It is estimated that there are over 8 million business accounts using Instagram to build their brands identity and gain exposure.

Many businesses want to use Instagram for marketing purposes, but they do not understand effective strategies:

They see great opportunities available due to the fact there is a highly active user base that can be targeted to build a viable audience. Depending on your selected, demographic for business is, it can be extremely competitive. However, with a planned marketing strategy, your business can be successful in gaining exposure for its brand.

Show users you mean business:

If you a personal account but you are using Instagram for business purposes then you should switch from a personal account to a business account. A benefit of having an Instagram business profile is access to a number of analytic features that will be useful.

Who is your target audience?

Before you launch your marketing campaign on Instagram you need to know and understand your followers. When you know exactly who your audience demographic is you can understand how to provide better services for them. Your posted content will be seen by your followers, once you understand what they like to see you can post more similar content and get better results.

Posting content is not enough to keep users engaged:

On any social media platform especially Instagram, interaction is critical. If you have no one interacting with your account it will seem unpopular. As a result, people will be hesitant to follow you and may even unfollow you. That is why you should focus on creating an engaged following.

How to increase engagement:

Posting useful and relevant content is important to building a popular Instagram profile. However, it is unfavorable having content with no likes or comments on them.

When posting content one of the best ways to increase engagement is to include a question in the caption. By asking your followers questions it will allow interaction and also your follower’s opinions to feel valued. This is a good strategy to encourage users to reply back and make your content look popular.

A strategy is critical for success:

It is critical to post consistently on your Instagram account to keep your followers engaged.  A good strategy is to plan and create your content in advance, then post it. A scheduling tool can be used to do this.  There are many tools that provide scheduling along with other optimization features. A popular method to optimize your account is to use an Instagram Bot. This is an automated service that can manage your account and help you to grow your following on Instagram.

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