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Gigs You Can Do For Extra Money

–Be a Grown-Up Paper Boy.

The old-school paper boys tossed papers onto porches and into yards for mere cents. You can do a new-school version of this by offering to sell newspaper subscriptions for publishers for a $10 commission on each subscription to new customers. Newspapers and magazines need to keep their circulation numbers up, and even give out free ones just to make their numbers look good on paper. This is where you come in.

Get written permission and a photographed ID from the publisher to show to potential customers, then circulate yourself around the neighborhood and push the paper. Customers will write the checks out to the paper, of course, not you, but you’ll pocket an agreed-upon percentage. As always, neatness counts, so dress well and be polite. And don’t forget to carry a big wallet for all that extra cash.

–Become a Personal Tour Guide.

If you like people and being out in your community, then become a personal tour guide and put some serious change in your piggy bank. Place an ad in the yellow pages for your services, have a van or SUV ready to roll, and take tourists on a sightseeing tour to view the neat places in town. Make sure you’re up on the facts of the places you’ll tour, and even have handouts ready of the stops you’ll make, or an instant photograph that you can sell for a dollar apiece. To boost business, let hotels know about your service, and offer them a commission on the customers they send in your direction.

–Become a Handyman.

This is something you can do on weekends or around your regular schedule. If you already have tools, great. Since you may have to buy new ones and will be traveling with them from gig to gig, you may  need to think about purchasing a new tool chest, one that is more suitable for moving from place to place. Sites like http://diytoolchests.com/ can help you find the best one, with the help of reviews, buying guides, and advice.

–Deliver Food Door To Door.

Delivering food to homes for 5 or 10 dollars per delivery is an excellent way to increase your cash flow. Some people like to go to restaurants, but others like to eat at home to avoid crowds or missing a show on TV, or to order food for visiting family and friends, or for parties. It’s just a convenient way to have a meal without cooking. Whatever the reason for home delivery, you can get in on the act.

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