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How To Choose Between Gloss and Matte Canvas Prints

It is definitely hard to overlook the benefits of canvas prints over paper prints. They are less expensive than paper prints, but they also last for a lot more. They can be installed in bathrooms too without worrying that the humid air will ruin the design. You got plenty of customization solutions, but you can also split a larger image into smaller panels for a more futuristic design. With these ideas in mind, canvas printing has one major advantage over paper printing – it is a lot more cost efficient. But with all these, it is still very important to do your homework and determine which ideas are more appropriate for you. The more you know about the customization, the easier it becomes to choose the perfect style without regretting it later on. So what should you know about? What kind of options do you have?

Making a good decision between gloss and matte canvas

There are not too many providers that can offer both gloss and matte canvas prints, but some of them do. It normally depends on what you are looking for. Most providers focus on matte canvas, yet the gloss design can draw a lot of positive attention too. Gloss prints are quite rare, so they represent a more interesting solution that you cannot find in any home. At the same time, the respective coating is great for some extra protection as well. On a different note, matte prints ask for some considerations. Practically, the canvas is the same in both these variants. The difference is in the coating used once the printing process is complete. The coat is sprayed with a pressure gun, depending on your preferences.

The coat does not modify the aspect or appearance of your canvas print. It is water based, so it dries and stays in place for years or even decades, depending on the maintenance. At the same time, it does not release any unusual odors and it is environmentally friendly, so it does not cause any allergies either. If you have ever had to deal with acrylic paints, the coating is similar to those products used to thicken these types of paint.

The benefits of gloss canvas go slightly further than that. Since it shines and looks very bright, it may actually enhance your chosen picture as well. The luster is different from those plastic-like designs you might find in commerce. Instead, it looks like that natural gloss you can see in original paintings. Plus, the coat is applied until the print is entirely covered, so the ink protection is a lot more durable.

Matte custom canvas prints do have their share of appreciation too. They are more common and ensure an old fashioned and traditional appearance. Matte prints are coated as well, yet the experts dealing with your photo will not exaggerate with it. This is normally the difference between glossy and matte designs – the coating thickness.

So which option is better for me?

Normally, you need to determine your preferences and available budget. A gloss canvas print is clearly more expensive than a matte one because more spray is used in the coating. On the other hand, it might look better, but this is when your personal references step in. Your preferences should be adjusted to the environment too. If you have a modernist and simplistic home, a gloss finish might look better. The same rule applies for offices. On the other hand, the matte style is more traditional. According to Canvas N Decor, it can also add a touch of elegance to your office, but it depends on other decorations and styles as well.

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