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Latest Instagram Marketing Strategies For Your Business

According to Instagram, over 80 percent of its users follow at least one business account. This means that as a business owner, you need to identify ways through which you can attract new followers, who may, in turn, become your customers. Having a strong presence on Instagram is not enough – you must ensure that your brand stands out and this can be achieved through optimizing your content performance and increasing your reach.

Let us look at some of the latest marketing strategies introduced by Instagram that may be of benefit to your business.

Get Friendly with Instagram Advertising

Instagram Ads are very effective when it comes to attract more likes and get more profile visits. Running an ad campaign on the platform is similar to boosting your posts on Facebook. Your boosted post will appear in the feed section with a ‘sponsored’ notification and a call to action button.

Create More Videos

Video content is highly marketable, yet less costly to develop.  With a good Smartphone can easily record high-quality videos for your account.  Video content is one of the best ways to create and deliver personal messages and connect with your audience.

Leverage the Use of Stories

Recently introduced on Instagram is the Stories feature that allows you to share videos and images on other people’s feeds for 24 hours. You can take advantage of this feature to showcase company information and market any special offers. With the stories archive and highlights function, you are able to keep track of your stories to avoid repeating the same content.

Consider Automation

Your job on Instagram can be simplified with the use of automation tools. They enable you to plan, schedule and share your posts in a way that maximizes audience reach and engagement.  Of course, there has been an ongoing speculation that using Instagram bots puts you at risk of losing your account. That is why it is good to take time and choose a program that doesn’t expose your account to suspicious activity. You can visit Swsmag.com for a review of some of the best bots on the market today. The website gives you the necessary details you need to make an informed decision, depending on your automation needs.

Final Words

As we all know, Instagram has changed a lot over the past years. In order to stay abreast of these changes, you need to brace yourself with the new innovations and options added to the platform.  As noted also, competition is rising so you need to put in your best in order to get noticed.

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