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Main issues which occures when choosing writs watches.

Every person has faced choosing of wrist watches. Today I will try to answer the most common questions concerning this issue.

  1. Digital or analog dial?

Pluses of the electronic dial are its “multitasking”. It can display date, world time, a stop watch, the timer, an alarm clock and other. The analog dial is the ready circle divided into 60 shares. And in case of a sunny weather, you will always be able to orient on the area, to use hours as a rough protractor, etc. But also it has shortcomings: if you have not Traser with tritium illumination, then in the night time will be hard in the middle of the night. Now I personally combined watches: the basis is an analog dial, and also is additional electronic on which it is possible to remove all additional functions + time at night. And Light button in case of need to include illumination.

  1. Mechanics or quartz?

The mechanics can be completely autonomous if to take watches with the autosub plant and constantly to carry them. But, apparently, mechanics pluses also come to an end. Mechanics error is equal +40 —-30 seconds a day. For comparison, quartz has an accuracy the same dispersion in a month. If to count, then in case of a month of the block heater of the indication of your hours will or hurry for 20 minutes, or to lag behind on 15. With such accuracy, it is possible not to be in time for certain on the train. However and quartz isn’t ideal: the battery of average hours holds according to the passport about 5 years, but nobody knows, through how many it at you will be covered and where. And before each departure, it is frivolous to change the battery and nobody in pre-exit turmoil when there are not enough more important things, it would not do. So we look for an exit — or hours with a large supply of the battery, or hours on the solar battery, it is desirable with a charge indicator. Here rather periodically to control a charge and in case of a shortcoming not to hide them under a sleeve, and also to change the accumulator of times in 7-8 years (the producer recommends time in 8-10 years, but we know our weather conditions).

  1. Original or replica?

Original watches are watches, which made by main manufacturers. Usually, the main brand can tell you a lot. A replica is another case. It is 100% a clone of the original which visually technical characteristics completely corresponds to original hours. However, it is the only good idea to consider replica of elite Swiss wrist watches. Learn more at elitereplicawatch.nl | Rolex, Panerai, Hublot & Replica Rolex Watc.. High-quality of the Swiss watch replicas works at a basis of original clockworks and are made of corporate details on private hour manufactories of Belgium and Switzerland.

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