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Options to Build a Log Home

A custom build log homes is one that is designed according to your specifications. You usually work with an expert builder to achieve the kind of home you dream of. The major advantage of these homes is that it will be designed to meet your needs, specifications, and desires.

There are various routes you can go when building a custom log home.

Create Plans with an Architect

If you desire to build the log home from scratch, you need to use the expertise of an architect. You need to ask about the experience the architect has building similar log homes. Let him show you past designs and check out their references.

Not only will the architect design the plans, but he can also oversee the construction so that to make sure the home is built as intended. This will cost you a little bit more, but you will end up with the best log home for your needs.

Use a Log Home Company

These log home companies have in-house architects who eliminate the need for you to hire one. The architect will come up with the design then make sure the builders follow it to the latter. Before you decide to work with the company, you need to understand the different packages on offer. Choose the right one that will suit your needs.

The company will use manufactured logs that have different shapes. Most of the companies will opt to come up with a mock build at the company premises, then haul the logs to the site and assemble them. They come with all the tools and equipment to make sure the house is done in the shortest time possible.

Use Existing Plans

Several online companies offer log home plans that you can download and edit to suit your needs. These offer the plans at a lower price than what the architect offers. You can work with the online service that uses their staff for modification of the plan. After you have it, you can work with a local log homebuilder to get the kind of structure you need. Before you put the plan to use, you need to know whether the company will give you the plans you need and modify them. You need various tools to modify the plan on your own. One important equipment is a log splitter from Splitting Wood.


Whether you are planning to build a log home or you are in the process, you need to understand your options. A well built home can give you decades of comfort when done the right way.

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