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Quickest Way to Get Bouncy, Awe-inspiring Curls

You have various curling options to pick from to achieving big, bouncy curls. One of the fastest and safest ways is to use a hot air brush. This is because this tool doesn’t damage your hair like other tools do. You can use the tool to transform the curls into waves or add some curls to your straight hair. Let us look at the steps to achieve the curls that will make your friends stare at you in awe.

Prepare Your Hair

You will curl your hair much faster and achieve better results if you prepare it beforehand. You can do this using volumizing conditioner and shampoo. These products will boost your hair volume and enhance its texture for a better result.

Use volumizing gel to hold the curl and bounce that result after the procedure. Use volumizing spray, amplifying gel and texturizing spray to add necessary volume to the hair. Make sure you distribute these products evenly throughout the hair.

Air Dry the Hair

Using a hot air brush works best when the hair is 80 percent fry or more. At this level, the hair should look dry but feel damp to touch. One of the best ways to achieve this level of dryness is by letting the hair air-dry. It is healthy and eliminates the need to apply unnecessary heat to it. While the hair dries, you can do another chore such as making your breakfast, cleaning the house, etc.

If in such a hurry, use the blow drier but at a low temperature. Don’t do it completely, just to 80 percent. After it dries, comb through the hair to disentangle it. Plug in the hot air brush from Hot Air Stylers.

Curling Procedure

Use the brush on small sections of the hair, running it from the root to the tips. Pull the brush outwards ad you turn the brush inwards guide the hair so that it curls around the brush. Brush the hair with a hot air brush to smoothen out the natural curls. You can read more about curling irons here at hh2010.org.

Finishing Thoughts

Curls make you look younger and chic. However, the effects of the curls depend on how you make them. Before you can achieve awe-inspiring curls, make sure you prepare the hair, air dry it and follow a good curling procedure. Having the right hot air brush also helps you a lot. The better the quality of the brush the better the results.

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