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Secrets Of The Espresso Trade – Experts Share How To Make The Best Espresso Ever

Buying the best espresso machine on the market has a great contribution to making an amazing cup of espresso, but it’s not the only factor involved in the process. Before we get to the core secrets, you need to find out what really is espresso.

The real espresso

When you have the best espresso machine in 2016 you can start making drinks. What you will be making is coffee, by the espresso method. This is because espresso is not a type of coffee, not a type of roast, but a method to make coffee. Any sort of coffee can be made as espresso, which simply means pushing water throughout compacted coffee grounds at a high pressure. The reason people misunderstand espresso is due to marketing, as there are coffee bags labelled espresso. These bags contain coffee grounds in a suitable size for this type of brewing.

The delicate balance of a perfect espresso

To make a great espresso you need to use that best espresso machine in 2016 and your common sense. You can use several coffee types to create a specific taste, for example. You also need to check the grounding date of the beans – if they are older than two weeks, you might lose some of the aroma. Little adjustments go a long way, so always mould on the current situation when you brew a cup of coffee on your espresso machine.

Don’t re-steam milk

Heating milk is a time-sensitive process, as you only have a limited amount of time to work with the heated milk and add air to it, in order to create a textured foam before the milk starts to boil. If you plan to steam warm milk or mix warm and cold milk, you are going to run out of time before it boils and starts smelling strange. This is due to the casein content of milk – these proteins start to decay and lose their ability to be transformed into foam. This leaves you with a watery, foul tasting product. To avoid this from happening, always use cold milk for steaming.

Don’t rinse your portafilter

When you want to get the most from your best espresso machine in 2016 you should avoid rinsing your portafilter before dosing. Instead, use a tea towel to clean the old grinds. You need to have an even layer of coffee when the water flows through it, as this is how you get the best taste from the coffee and achieve the best extraction. If you rinse the portafilter, there will be a layer of water in there, which is going to attract other water drops and make them flow on the wet side of the basket, ruining your even press layer. The result will be a cup of over-extracted coffee which lacks the sweetness and body of an even pressed cup.

These are some of the secrets used by great baristas when making espresso, but as you practice making your own cups of joy, never be afraid to experiment. Try different methods, different tricks and see what result you get – you are going to discover new secrets of making the best espresso.

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