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Social Media Automation

The internet is possibly the greatest thing to ever happen to the market. Before it’s advent, a marketer’s range was limited by locality. If your product or service was amazing and your budget allowed it was possible to market to the world, but those items were the exception and definitely not the rule. The internet changed everything.

The dawn of the information age and meant everyone could have access to data. Earlier marketers saw the potential and haven’t slowed down since. The ability to reach anyone regardless of location is the greatest advantage of online marketing and as technology improves the benefits will only go up in number.

Technology and marketing

Technology has reached a point where global connectivity is real and marketers are taking full advantage. Social media has massively affected the internet and even human interaction itself. This has lead to a series of innovations in technology and of course online marketing. Many of these innovations exist to allow people to access the internet from anywhere convenient, but there are some specific to marketers.

Automation, its efficacy and its effect on marketing

Automation impact on industry can’t overstate. Its effect on online marketing has been similar. Recently, best innovation at the moment on the platform Instagram has been bots. Bots and their function of automating otherwise menial and repetitive task have made the lives of not only would be influencers, but also major brands.

Instagram, in a nutshell

Instagram is an image/video based platform. Videos or sound bits are limited to 1 minute at runtime. It’s absolutely perfect from a marketers perspective. It allows brands to get just enough information out to make a point without the fluff. The difficulty on the platform comes with (like anything else) getting content noticed.

There are roughly 800 million monthly users on the platform and this number will continue to climb. That’s a ton of competition for anyone trying to get noticed. The task of getting noticed can be boiled down to hashtagging based on market research and social networking on the platform. No matter what the research must be done, however, the tedious part is the networking.

Instagram networking and time lost

Anyone who’s ever had a facebook account understands how social media works generally. Someone makes a post, someone responds to the post. That response is responded to and so on until the engagement is over. Instagram works in a similar way. The principle of reciprocity is apparent in all social media.

All of the searching for engagement and continue conversations can be tiresome when you’re engaging with a massive following. When you take into consideration that a following is supposed to continue growing it becomes ridiculous. On top of engaging everyone, an account manager is supposed to organically engage unconnected accounts to increase the following.

Bots to the rescue

What bots really do is use hashtags to locate like content. This like content is posted by individuals with like interests. The bot will then engage with the content on these pages through liking, commenting or following. This drives organic engagement back to the original page while saving the page owner time.

The amount of work the bot can do is simply impossible for a human to do in the same space of time. Services like Instagress.com have made so many people’s lives easier. If you’re interested in Instagress that unfortunate because it was recently shut down. However, there are alternatives available.

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