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The Right Way to Make a Summer Smoothie

Summer is a time of living which is why you need to boost your family’s energy levels. Smoothies are fantastic for chilling everyone during hot summer days and a great source of vitamins and minerals to help boost energy levels so your entire family can perform better in their work and school environments. If you are planning on making a lot of smoothies then you should try and find the best smoothie maker in 2016 and be sure that your smoothie maker will be able to handle heavy duty ice and fruit chopping. To make the perfect smoothie might take some time and experimenting, especially if you want to become a pro at it and want to be able to create a smoothie from just about anything.

Get the right mix

Liquid base – You don’t necessarily have to use milk for a liquid base. You can also alternate it with soya, almond milk, flavored yogurt, fruit juice or low-fat coconut milk or water. You need about two mgs of liquid base for smoothies.

Fruit – Next you need to add some fruits to your smoothie. The fruits should take up about three quarters of a mug. If you are looking for a great base for any smoothie then stock up on bananas because this fruit source are great for creating creamy smoothies. You can use just about any type of fruit in your smoothie as long as the fruits blend well together. Finding the right fruit mixture can take some experimenting, but that is the exiting part of smoothie making right?

Flavorings – A lot of people will be satisfied with just fruit and a liquid base but you can add some flavorings such as honey, maple syrup or condensed milk to your smoothie. You can even add some spices such as cinnamon to your smoothies to help enhance the taste.

Ice – Ice is the key to getting a thick and frosty smoothie. Add a few cubes to your smoothie maker for a much colder smoothie.

Mixes – You can also choose to add some layers to your smoothie by adding in some mousse, muesli or oats or mixing it together for a perfect breakfast smoothie.

Start your smoothie

Step one – First, you need to add the liquid base to your smoothie maker.

Step two – Next you need to add the fruit to your smoothie. Try and get fruits that complement one another and if you want to be really adventurous you can even blend fruits and veggies such as cucumber and blueberries for a crisper taste.

Step three – If you are going to blend in some mixes such as oats, nuts or seeds then now is the time to add these.

Step four – Add your flavorings such as honey

Step five – Include the ice to the mixture

Step six – Don’t forget to close the lid and start blending away.

Step seven – Pour into glasses and add a bit of décor such as sprinkles or whipped cream on top of the smoothie for a beautiful finish.

Step eight – Serve immediately.

Smoothie making is easy and fun. It is a great alternative to unhealthy fizzy drinks and a fun way to entertain guests and bring your family closer together. A smoothie is the perfect summer drink and is a great source of vitamins and minerals to boost energy levels.

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