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The top 4 Instagress alternatives to grow you Instagram account

People have been using Instagram Bots to successfully grow their account and gain more followers. However, last year there was a series of major crackdowns by Instagram on the use of automated services on their social media platform. This resulted in many leading Bots such as Instagress being shut down.

What effect did this crackdown have?

It affected the market in a number of ways. It affected the market negatively because many Bot users were implementing Bots to help grow their Instagram accounts for business purposes. They are now not sure whether to invest in another service due to fear of being closed down.

Has the Instagram market collapsed?

Users are still looking to outsource their Instagram profile for marketing purposes. Not only are they looking for an effective Bot that will engage with relevant users and grow their following, they want one that is safe to use and will not result in any negative effects on their account.

The current market is very diverse with many services offering outsourcing to grow your Instagram following and manage your account.

What are some of the leading services currently available?

The top 4 Instagress alternatives currently available on the market are:

    • Social Envy
    • Follow Adder
    • Instato
    • InstaQ

You can read more about these top 4 Instagress alternatives at https://thesmallbusinessblog.net/4-best-instagress-alternatives/ .

Are they safe?

Each of these are viewed as effective and safe to use when outsourcing your Instagram to these services. However, not all of them are automated services. For instance, Social Envy is an organic growth service.

What is an organic growth service?

An organic growth service has similar goals as a Bot, it is used to manage and grow your Instagram account. However, unlike a Bot it is not an automated service. These services use real people to complete the repetitive manual tasks on your account. The progress might be slower than a Bot but it is still a safe and effective way you gradually build your following. This option may be more expensive than a Bot but it is viewed as the safest one because it uses real people to manage your account and is therefore not in breach of any Instagram policies. The premium is to guarantee safety. Social Envy employs people that are leading social media marketers to manage your account and complete the labors tasks.

In summary, there are many outsourcing services to choose from and they can fall under the subcategories of using an automation service such as an Instagram Bot or an organic growth service that uses real people to manage and grow your account.

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