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Things you Must Know Before Buying Instagram Followers

Buying followers on Instagram is one of the many shortcuts to stardom on the platform. But as Fred Harrington asks, can you really buy real Instagram followers? It all depends on who you ask and your overall understanding of how the platform works. You will easily find numerous third-party companies bragging about their ability to generate real followers instantly if you part with a small fee.

However, that is just a marketing strategy to lure you into subscribing to just another bot. without taking away the fact that bots can attract some real followers, it can only apply for short-term goals. The only way you can grow a productive following on Instagram is by interacting organically with real people. Before you fall into the trap, here are a few things you need to know.

It reflects badly on your brand

Yes, it’s true you can buy followers for as little as ten dollars. But how does such an act reflect on your account, and most importantly to your real customers. It not only degrades them but also betrays their trust in your brand. It simply exhibits your dishonesty and brings more harm than good.

Terms of usage

Instagram has adopted a no-nonsense approach towards automation tools that generate fake followers. It has not only discarded a whole lot of fake accounts but also initiated the closure of affiliate companies promoting the immoral stand. In simple terms, buying followers is against Instagram’s terms of use. Therefore, violating these terms can bring about unwanted consequences. You not only risk getting your account suspended but also waking up to find half of your followers gone.

It’s Pointless

Don’t lie to yourself that getting an additional ten thousand followers within a day will go unnoticed or won’t raise eyebrows. On the other hand, it just increases the numbers which mean too little to savvy modern day users. People are keener nowadays and can easily identify an account with fake followers.

There is no point in having a hundred thousand followers who never share your content or bring any traffic to your website. Sadly, that is the unfortunate reality that buying followers bring. Not unless you don’t have any long-term goals with regard to your online strategy, buying followers does not bring forth any meaningful results.

Minimal Engagement

The one reason that Instagram is such a popular marketing platform is its high levels of engagement. However, you are not going to generate any meaningful engagement if you buy followers. The fact of the matter is, most bought followers are spam accounts with little interest in what you are offering. Even if you somehow acquire some real users, chances are that your content is irrelevant to their interests, thus they will leave as soon as they joined.

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