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Three Adventures Worth Doing Before You Reach 35

Life can unfold fast. Especially if you’re focused on your office career, you may not have the time to embark on all sorts of adventure.

One time, you’re in you’re a teenager. You’re young, able, and too hopeful to experience everything that life has to offer.

The next thing you know, you’re close to 35. While you had your fair share of fun during the last couple of decades, you can’t help but think about certain things that your heart desires.

Here are the adventures you should consider.

1: Travel to (At Least) 10 Countries

The first adventure on this list addresses the fact that the world is your oyster. And you should treat it as such by traveling.

Get out of your shell and dedicate your time to exploring the world.

Iceland, Greece, Japan, Vietnam, and Spain are some of the most beautiful countries in the world. If you haven’t gone to any of them yet, now is your chance.

If there’s a country that you always want to visit, go for it. But don’t settle for just a single foreign country. Make it at least 10.

Doing so is going to enrich your life with experiences. And these experiences may be life-changing.

2: Marry the Love of Your Life

Then, think about the person you love the most. It may sound cheesy, but since it’s going to be meaningful for you, it shouldn’t be a problem.

If you’re 100% certain that you want to spend the rest of your life with one person, don’t wait any longer. If you’re ready to be tied down, now’s the time to start a new chapter of your life.

And as you marry the love of your life, make the wedding extra special. Invite your beloved circle, family, and friends. Basically, let all the most important people in your lives be there.

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3: Go on the Ultimate Outdoor Adventure

Then, why not set aside a week or more of your time to be outdoors?

Do your research, buy necessary equipment, pack up your food, and go to wherever your feet may take you.

Take a break from your ordinary life to do something extraordinary. You can go hiking, camping, canyoneering, diving, and whatever you please.

Going off the grid for some time counts as an unforgettable adventure because it reminds you of the basics of life. It teaches you to acknowledge how life used to be and how life currently is.

Especially if you’ve been in a city setting for years, you could definitely get a fresh — and maybe better — perspective of life from an outdoor adventure. You may look at this as an opportunity for a grand vacation, too.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let life pass you by. If you’re able and active, you should be brave enough to get out there. Don’t wait for the time to come when you no longer have the energy to get out of your comfort zone.

Remember that you only live once. So, make the most out of it and be set on embarking on unforgettable adventures.

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