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What you should do to make elliptical training interesting

You may be a fitness freak but even then, you may not like the elliptical trainer for this particular exercise is often seen as boring and ineffective. But that is not the entire story. Research has shown that there are benefits of the elliptical machine, including improving the fitness level just as it is done with the help of the treadmill.

There is a way in using the treadmill and if you can use it the right way, it can really help you in having a killer workout. If you are looking for more reviews on the ellipticals, http://indoorellipticals.com/reviews/ is a must address for you to visit.

Here are some tips to make the best out of every step in an elliptical trainer:

Set your goal: It’s not that your fitness level depends on the movement of the elliptical. Set a goal for you before you get on the machine and keep a watch on your level of exertion. Bring the feeling in your mind that you are working. If you don’t feel that and underestimate the machine thinking it’s not worth it, you will never get the desired workout you are looking for.

Stand erect: You tend to grab the handrails on the elliptical machine and lean forward as the legs do all the work. But stooping forward by catching hold of the handrails will not help you and make you feel think that the entire time you are giving on the machine is not giving anything in return. Stand erect while you are on the elliptical machine or else you can also have back pain. Just forget that there are handrails and focus on the real hard work to shed the kilos.

Change your workout routine on an elliptical machine: Change the exercise variables regularly while you are on the elliptical machine as that will not only make the exercise more interesting, it will also help your body find a fresher challenge to meet, getting a boost as a result in the form of better fitness. Begin and continue with a steady pace and raise the elliptical trainer’s incline/decline setting. Move at the basic pace for two minutes and then double it for two minutes and have a recovery time period of one minute. Repeat this as many times as you want. Hold yourself as your own competitor to increase the level to get stronger.

Do not get distracted: Forget your mobile phone, television or any other entertaining source while you are in the middle of an elliptical workout. Don’t stop to gossip with the workout mate either. A lapse in your concentration will make the entire effort go in vain.

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